WOOX FORTE FOREST AXE – Wind River Outdoor
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Hand Painted navy blue outdoor scenery


*Forte Axe 22" is the Axe purchased here

An inspired hybridization of classical American and Italian axe design, the WOOX Forte draws from the best of both schools to strike a perfect balance of features for the modern hand tool user. With a silhouette inspired by traditional Italian woodworking axes, the broad and mildly curved bit makes accurately connecting blows a snap, with a beard to assist in choking up on the handle for precise work when carving or crafting.

A deeply penetrating bit geometry makes chopping a breeze, while a concave high centerline helps act as a chip-breaker and smooths the bit-to-eye transition when splitting. A prominent hardened poll serves as an effective hammer face and optimizes the balance of the head. This places the center of gravity inside the hand when choked up on the grip for truly sublime control of the tool whether doing single-handed precise cuts or full two-handed chopping strokes. The large slip-fit eye allows for easy wedge-free handle replacement while preserving some effective amount of swell to the knob of the handle for a secure grip in relaxed hands.

Compact and light enough to be easily packed but heavy enough to tackle big tasks, Forte is sure to make for a constant companion, no matter the circumstances. Leather sheath included.





Specs Description
Head Tempered Carbon Steel (C60/1060)
Edge Convex
Head Size 6 3/4" long x 3 1/4 " tall x 1" wide
Handle Appalachian Hickory
OAL Forte 22" or Forte-X 28"
Head Weight 3.3 pounds
Overall Weight 4.1 pounds (22")
4.4 pounds (28")

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