TYERS GLASS BEADS – Wind River Outdoor
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Hand Painted navy blue outdoor scenery


Tyers Glass Beads

  • 4 sizes to choose from - Midge (hook sizes 18-24), Small (hook sizes 12-18), Medium (hook sizes 8-12) and Large (hook sizes 8+)

  • IRR: Irridescent, TR: Translucent, OP: Opaque; S/L: Silver Lined

  • The Irridescent color make for phenomenol midge patterns. The TR beads make for stellar mayfly and caddis emerger patterns. You can't go wrong with any of these!

  • These beads are truly underutilized and that is simply shameful. These beads will outperform any other bead when fish are keyed into shine and lifelike appearance!

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