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Featuring true versatility, adjustability, and performance, the Alter changes the game for those that desire the ultimate archery experience. Powered by the Binary Cam system, the Alter generates a blazing speed of 330FPS with easy set-and-forget tuning. With 10 inches of draw length adjustment, and a draw weight range from 8 to 70lbs, the Alter’s adjustability makes it the perfect choice for young or old, beginner or expert. Don’t just settle for OK, take charge and Alter your success.



  • Rotating modules offer extreme adjustability - simply remove the module screws, adjust to your draw length, re-tighten and you are shooting again in no time
  • A simple adjustment of the FlipDisc™ allows the shooter to customize the draw cycle to adapt to their shooting style
  • The ultra-wide quad limb design increase stability at full draw,  increasing shot-to-shot consistency and accuracy in any situation
  • Premium strings and cables to provide you with confidence in accuracy and durability
  • Premium constructed aluminum riser for lightweight comfort and durability that will last a lifetime of use
  • Built from premium carbon, the Carbon String Stop absorbs and virtually eliminates all excessive string vibration and noise
  • The ultra-versatile and adjustable Alter features 62 lbs of draw weight adjustment, allowing the bow to accommodate anyone from youth to adult, beginner to avid archer
  • Synchronized Binary Cam system is engineered with two perfectly symmetrical cams working together for flat-line nock travel and maximum accuracy, providing an ultra-smooth draw cycle and simple tuning you can set and forget



Package includes:

  • Octane® Furnace 4-Arrow Quiver
  • Octane Stryker 5 Pin Sight
  • Octane Boost 5 Inch Stabilizer
  • Brush Rest
  • Carbon Peep
  • Diamond® Wrist Strap
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