BLOCK CLASSIC 22" TARGET – Wind River Outdoor
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Hand Painted navy blue outdoor scenery


  • Top carry handle
  • Easy arrow removal
  • 2-sided shooting target block (dots on one side only)
  • Stops field points and broadheads
  • High contrast black and white aiming points
  • Comes in 18″ and 22″ sizes

The Block Classic is a long-lasting target designed to help archers fine-tune their shot. This archery block target has two shootable sides, each printed with high-contrast black and white aiming points for long-range visibility. The unique open layer design of the Block Classic target stops field points and broadheads with friction rather than force, making arrow removal fast and easy. For added convenience, this target has a top carry handle so you can take it with you to the field and get in a few practice shots before your hunt. Durable and portable, the Block Classic is a great way to prepare for your next archery hunt.

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