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WROC Photography Share: Beautiful Mama Bear and Cubs

WROC Photography Share: Beautiful Mama Bear and Cubs
Wildlife photography is growing in popularity and for good reason - it's fun and gives you a reason to get outside in the wilds of Wyoming. A couple weekends ago, I took a day trip to Teton park, and I managed to get one of the best wildlife photos I've ever taken in my entire life!

Of course, I thought it was one worth sharing with all of our beloved Wind River Outdoor Company Subscribers!

This being said, photographers need to be aware of the issues potentially created during their outings - particularly with the Grizzly Bears on Togwotee Pass.

This bear and her offspring are now being hazed away from the road by the Wyoming Game & Fish in an attempt to prevent them from becoming habituated to human contact. If the hazing process is unsuccessful, all three of the bears are at great risk of early demise due to vehicle accidents, or by euthanization, especially if onlookers begin to feed the bears (PLEASE don't do that). I know this is preaching to the choir for a lot of you, but just remember to be respectful of the Wyoming Game and Fish when they have signs by the road and do not feed the bears or otherwise interact! Rent camera equipment to benefit you and the bears by keeping distance between you, more on that below!
If we all cooperate, they'll be well on their way to a long and happy life, so we can get more photos later down the road!

Taking all of that into consideration, if you want great wildlife photos, go rent a camera and lens from Wyoming Camera Outfitters in Jackson or Casper! In doing so, you won't feel compelled to get 4 feet away with your iPhone for a similar view. Renting a good camera kit for a few days is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than the doctor visit after this mama bear gets uncomfortable with you walking up on her cubs...Heck, you just as well buy the $5,000 kit I shot this one on; it'll be MUCH cheaper!

Pro tip: Take photos out the sunroof of your car as I did for this one with a 600mm telephoto lens! The sunroof offers a better angle for viewing far-off subjects, as well as protects both of you from further interaction.
Special thanks to my dad for letting me borrow his camera kit for this photo (Del Hessling)

Also a big thanks to my wife, Marley, for safely operating the vehicle while I stood out the sunroof like a bafoon (totally worth it).

Have a great day everybody, and remember to be BEAR AWARE!
- Kyle Hessling - E-commerce Director

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  • Kyle Hessling
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  • D.L.Hessling

    Outstanding photo! Wonderful post! Keep up the great work!

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