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The All New Hatch Iconic Fly Fishing Reel

The All New Hatch Iconic Fly Fishing Reel

You probably remember beginning to feel the limitations of your first fly fishing combo. Maybe your reel's drag imploded on the first decent fish you tied into, maybe it was the hundredth. Maybe it still developed a squeak after being deformed by falling on your face, distracted by rising trout when you should have been looking at where you were putting your feet. Maybe you just had a sneaking suspicion that the reason you lost that BKC (Biggest Known Catch) was the garbage you were trying to break its run with. 

So you saved your money, and searched out reviews, looking for the best gear you could find. All of a sudden, the money you put into getting into the next tier of gear got you things like machined aluminum billets, graphite fast action, carbon fiber disk drags, and burl wood inserts. And as you ramped up your gear, you spent less time thinking about the limitations of your kit, and more time focusing on being in the moment, connecting the dots.  

I'll be the first to tell you, better gear won't make you a better fisherman... but it certainly won't stand in your way. Helping you define whether it's your gear or your skill set, let us herald the arrival of the new Iconic series from Hatch. Hatch Outdoors has been at the forefront of American Made fly fishing reels since 2003 when the limitations of inferior gear drove the founder to innovate. Never one to rest on their laurels, and building on the success of the much loved Finatic Series, Hatch has once again innovated and come out with a new line of lighter, better-designed mid and large arbor reel to handle anything the piscatorial world has to throw at it.

- Joe Lefevre - Fly Fishing Manager

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