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Permits Information and Questions Regarding Hiking, Camping and Fishing on the Wind River Indian Reservation - 2024

Permits Information and Questions Regarding Hiking, Camping and Fishing on the Wind River Indian Reservation - 2024

The lands of the Wind River Indian Reservation are vast, beautiful beyond imagination and filled with adventure.  In fact, there are over 2.2 million acres on the Reservation which is about twice the size of either Rhode Island or Delaware!  However, visitors/users must take note that these lands are the property of the Shoshone and Arapaho Tribes and thus, one must follow their rules and regulations as provided by the Wind River Tribal Game & Fish for all those using the lands for either hiking, camping or fishing.

There are several nuances of this permit and it is important to know what is right and wrong because the Tribal Game and Fish have legal authority to cite those in violation of their rules and these violations are federal in nature.  The violations also risk the future access being granted by the Tribes so do the right thing and know the regulations and buy the permit to be 100% legal.  The tribes are gracious to grant access so please don’t abuse the privilege of it.

Trespass fee versus fishing license - which one do I need?

There is a lot of confusion regarding this topic in that the Tribal Fishing Permit is in fact the Trespass Permit for tribal lands.  So even if you only plan on backpacking on the Wind River Indian Reservation you still need the permit for every day you are either on the tribal property or traveling through the property regardless if you fish or not.  There is no gray in this matter - you need the license no matter what activity you are doing on tribal property.  These licenses may be purchased at Wind River Outdoor Company ( and the One Stop Market ( in Lander, WY.  Note, these businesses sit side by side and are open early and late to facilitate your purchase.

What are the fees of the Tribal Fishing (Trespassing) Permit?

Listed below is the fee structure for 2024 - both resident and non-resident anglers/users of tribal property.  Resident licenses are for those residents of Wyoming that have lived in Wyoming for at least the prior year (365 continuous days) AND have a valid, legal address in the State of Wyoming along with this address being claimed as their primary residence.  All those individuals that have lived outside of Wyoming at any point in the prior year or are not claiming Wyoming as their primary residence are hereby classified as non-resident and must purchase that permit level.



Annual Permit $ 95.00

1-Day Permit $ 35.00

7-Day Permit $ 65.00

Senior Citizen Permit (annual)* $ 45.00

Youth Permit (annual)** $ 20.00

Handicap Permit (annual) $ 30.00

Recreational Stamp (required) $ 20.00

* ages 60 and over

** ages 15 thru 17 years


Annual Permit $ 135.00

1-Day Permit $   40.00

7-Day Permit $   90.00

Senior Citizen Permit (annual)* $   70.00

Youth Permit (annual)** $   35.00

Handicap Permit (annual) $   30.00

Recreational Stamp (required) $   20.00

* ages 60 and over

** ages 15 thru 17 years 

Do I need to purchase a Tribal Recreational Stamp even for a daily permit?

This question is asked often and the answer is “YES”.  Every person (non-tribal member) must have purchased one Tribal Recreation Stamp per year even if they only purchase a daily permit.  This stamp must be signed and attached to your permit(s) for that year.

Do I have to purchase permits in person?

The answer to this question is “YES”.  License vendors are required to verify residency through inspection of a legal form of personal identification, personal data and sign for the permit in person at the time of purchase.

However, if you know the dates and times that you are coming through Lander, Wind River Outdoor Company will take all customer information and have your permits waiting in person for signature. You will need to pay in advance with a credit card for this service.  At the very bottom of this page, you'll find the pre-authorization form. Have each person in your party fill the form out in its entirety and “submit” the form. This form will then be emailed to us. We will then call the individual at the phone number included and obtain the credit card information for payment. Please note, license fees and associated convenience fees are not refundable for any reason.

Can I pay for licenses with a credit card?

Yes, customers may purchase Tribal Permits using a credit card at Wind River Outdoor Company, however, there will be a 3.5% convenience fee added to all credit/debit card transactions made in the purchase of licenses.  Licenses purchased at the One Stop Market must be paid for in cash only.  Please note, Wind River Outdoor Company does not accept American Express but does accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.  Personal checks are not accepted for any purchase.

Can I float the rivers of the Wind River?

No.  Non tribal members may not float any river within the boundaries of the Wind River Indian Reservation per tribal laws and regulations.  Non Tribal members may use a watercraft on Bull Lake (but only the lake), Washakie Reservoir, Moccasin, Dinwoody and Upper Dinwoody Lakes only.  For complete regulations in this matter it is highly encouraged to contact the Wind River Tribal Game and Fish Department.

Are there areas closed to non tribal members?

Yes, there are a number of locations that are closed to the public and non tribal members on the Wind River Indian Reservation.  Please see a current set of tribal regulations for a complete listing of these locations or contact the Wind River Tribal Game and Fish Department for absolute clarification.

Are there Grizzly Bears on the Wind River Indian Reservation?

Yes, there are Grizzly Bears on the Wind River Indian Reservation and those numbers are increasing every year.  It is highly recommended to carry bear spray with you at all times and practice safe food handling in your camps.  If you encounter a Grizzly Bear or have any species of bear enter your camp then you are encouraged to contact the Tribal Game and Fish office in Fort Washakie at 307.332.7207 to report the incident.

Do I need a State of Wyoming permit plus a WRIR Tribal Permit to fish/trespass on the Reservation?

No, on the lands of the Wind River Indian Reservation, one only needs the correct form of the Tribal Fishing (Trespass) Permit.

Can non-tribal members hunt on the Wind River Indian Reservation?

No - only enrolled members of the Shoshone or Arapaho Tribes may hunt on tribal designated lands.  This applies to big game, small game and bird hunting.  Additionally, this includes the collection of shed antlers and antiquities (arrowheads and relics) as well.

I am just driving through the Wind River Indian Reservation to get to the Dickinson Park Trailhead (which is off the Reservation).  Am I still required to have a permit?

Yes - this is a common misconception that many people have since they are simply going through the reservation and all hiking or fishing occurs off of the Wind River Indian Reservation that they then do not need a permit.  However, this is an incorrect assumption.  Any time you travel through the Reservation, each person in the party (unless under the age of 14) is required to have a valid permit for that day in which they are on the tribal lands.  The only exceptions are federal, state and county designated roads for motor traffic - i.e. highways that are listed as federal, state or county.

Does the Wind River Tribal License work on lands off the Wind River Indian Reservation?

No, the license will not work on lands in Wyoming that are off the Wind River Indian Reservation.  This will require purchasing a Wyoming Fishing license.

Can I contact the Tribal Fish & Game Office?

Yes, you can contact the staff of the Wind River Tribal Game & Fish.  Please note they are a small staffed organization so be patient if you reach their answering service.  The phone number for their office is 307.332.7207 and their website is as follows:


The staff of Wind River Outdoor Company have well over 60 years of aggregate experience in the Wind River Mountain Range and the lands of the Wind River Tribal Reservation.  If you are in need of additional resources, information or other pertinent information then please feel free to contact the store at 307.332.7864.  Wind River Outdoor Company is the preeminent specialty outdoor shop for all things hiking, backpacking, fly fishing, hunting and camping in Wyoming.  Our staff spend a great deal of time in the wilds of Wyoming and we have the knowledge, experience and know how to make your next outing a success.  The physical location of Wind River Outdoor Company is over 9000 square feet of awesomeness and no other store in Lander or the region even compares to the breadth of selection of quality outdoor gear for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing / fly fishing.  Thank you and have a safe and enjoyable trip!

Wind River Outdoor Company is not responsible for data that has been changed by the Wind River Tribal Game and Fish Department after their annual regulations have been released or due to emergency closures or rulings.  All those traveling to the Wind River Indian Reservation are encouraged to clarify all rules and regulations with tribal authorities before any trip.  ALL tribal license sales are considered final and may not be returned, exchanged or otherwise altered once they have been signed for by the customer.

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