Top ten flies for the Wind River Mountains, Wyoming

Top ten flies for the Wind River Mountains, Wyoming

We had a bit of fun working up this list of flies for the best possible experience fly fishing in our area.  We aren’t saying that these are the best flies for every place on earth, just that we know more fish are caught on these flies in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming (our home) than any other.  In other words, start here and you can’t go wrong.  We know that when you approach a stream or lake near us, you will find plenty of bugs that look like these near or in the water you are going to fish.  Good luck out there!

Parachute Adams (number one)

Like wine, this pattern gets better with age. This pattern is simply one of the best, if not the best, dry fly pattern ever devised and seeing that it mimics so many mayfly species it has to be on the list and has earned the number one spot.



Crystal Stimulator (number two)

Trout crack.  Enough said.  No really, the only reason we are continue to more is that we get paid by the word.


Parachute Ant (number three)

Look around in the high country and one will find ants – lots of ants.  Carpenter Ants somehow find their way into everything in the high country including your sleeping bag and the trout filled waters of the Winds. In the water is good, in your sleeping bag is bad.  They bite hard and where you don’t want to be bit.


Black Foam Beatle (number four)

“Ace in the hole” fly to pull out only when needed to impress the ladies.  Really!   If you open up fish in the Wind’s you are going to find a beatle inside.  The main course for a lot of trout.



Black Foam Cricket (number five)

Big and black.  That sounds really inappropriate but yes, big and black works in the high country.



Mohair Leech (number six)

Olive and small. Looks like a large booger in the water but seems to work so hey, what the hell – tie on one! mohair-leech


Tellico Nymph (number seven)

Ever gone by the donut counter in the grocery store and not looked/drooled? Don’t BS anyone, one always looks (and eats). This fly has the same influence over trout in the high country.



No-see-um (number eight)

Small.  Really small.  Like size 22 small.  And green.  These little bastards are only to be used when all else fails.  Yes, they will catch fish but be prepared to curse and drink way too much upon their use.  Even thinking of them pisses me off.  Where is the damn whiskey?



Scud (number nine)

Pinkish orangish tanish redish in color.  Confused?  Me too so just stop in the store and get them as they are a custom tie especially for Wind River Outdoor Company.  Don’t bother looking for them elsewhere.  The last guy that tried pirating them from WROC has not been seen for years.  Weird.



Power Bait (not really number 10)

Just kidding. #10 is so secret you can only find it out by dropping in the store, or calling us on the phone and asking for it. Yes, it will look like a back-alley drug deal going down when we show it to you but in the end you will thank yourself.

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