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Although the Shadowfire 365 model is priced comparatively to entry level rods it is a high performance rod that will out perform many other Tenkara rods within $70 of it’s price range.

Shadowfire 365 Rod Specs:

  • Rod length: 368 cm (about 12 feet)
  • Soft 6:4 action
  • Rod weight: about 2.9 oz
  • CCS/RFI: 20 pennies/ 5.4
  • High quality carbon fiber (IM10)
  • Collapsed rod length: 23.25 inches
  • Handle length: 10.25 inches
  • 8 segments
  • Universal & Regular Tip Cap included
  • Matte Black finish (except logo section is gloss finish)
  • Hard Storage Tube: 24.75 inches

Great Rod For Most People
This rod meets a multitude of purposes. It is a great choice for small streams to rivers where the fish are mostly under 18 inches and even as small as 4 inches. This rod can handle fish larger than 18 inches, depending upon your skills to fight the fish, but is not usually intended for larger fish. 

Smooth Casting
The soft smooth casting action of this Tenkara rod with very very low oscillation will help you cast more naturally and accurately. If you are using level line, you will want size #3 or #3.5 for best performance but it will cast smaller sizes if desired. It will also cast any furled lines or tapered lines.

Premium Rod Flex
The improved flex of this rod balances out the pressure throughout the rod sections to eliminate hinging or points of pressure when fighting fish. 

Comfortable Handle Shape
The handle was designed to fit the hand comfortably to reduce hand fatigue and to give you more casting control. The classic camel double hump shape gives you many different positions to accommodate your preference of grip. 

Non-Reflective Sections
The matte black color of all the rod sections, except the handle/logo section, keeps the rod from reflecting the sun light and possibly alerting the fish of your presence. 

Premium Knitted Rod Sock
The rod sock is a soft knitted material that is thick enough to provide padded protection, for those times you don't want to lug around a hard case. 

Both Tip Cap Styles
You get Both a regular wood/rubber tip cap and the universal tip cap, so you can use the one you prefer and keep the other one as a backup.