Charitable Gift Request

Wind River Outdoor Company (WROC) takes pride in supporting worthy charitable causes and events pertaining to the hunting, fishing and general outdoor related industry. While WROC would like to contribute to every cause and event, the reality is that we cannot satisfy the monetary needs of all. For this reason, WROC must concentrate on using every donated dollar for maximum benefit. The criteria that WROC uses to evaluate each donation request is based primarily upon the following four areas:

  • Does the event/donation benefit a local (Lander, Fremont County or Wyoming) outdoor group or cause?
  • Does the event/donation benefit local (Lander, Fremont County or Wyoming) youth?
  • Does the event or cause establish awareness of the value of outdoor recreation?
  • How does sponsoring the event or cause effect Wind River Outdoor Company?

Please note the submission form below must be filled out in its’ entirety for consideration. Submission of this form does not guarantee a monetary/donation commitment on behalf of Wind River Outdoor Company.

Please plan for and allow two weeks for processing and review by WROC personnel to determine if the donation request is granted. Thank you.

Note: Any organization obtaining donated merchandise or monetary amounts from WROC is required to submit proof of use of funds in manner described above within 60 days of acceptance of such funds. If proof is not provided or the funds/donation is used in any other manner other than that stated above, recipient hereby agrees to refund the equivalent in cash back to Wind River Outdoor Company within 30 days. Recipient hereby guarantees use of the funds in the above manner and hereby accepts these terms of the donation being made by Wind River Outdoor Company and further agrees personally to repay such amounts should the funds be used for anything other than the stated purpose above without the written consent of Wind River Outdoor Company. Wind River Outdoor Company, its’ parent company and all related business entities hereby reserve the right to change, modify or alter all criteria for charitable donations at any time without notice.